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Flowers For Funeral /Sympathy Flowers

Flowers for funeral, also called sympathy flowers, are mostly used, as the title also implies, to decorate areas where funerals are held. In most places you will also see flowers placed on coffins and flower wreaths are given to the family of the deceased person.

Giving funeral flowers to the family of the deceased is a simple and loving way to show your condolences and simply pay your respects to the family. What can be nicer sight in such a dire moment than seeing an ocean of fresh flowers given as a tribute to the memory of a person and their family. Many times they convey so much more than spoken words.

The main types of flowers for funeral that are mostly given in such occasions are fresh flowers and various flower arrangements such as flower wreaths, funeral sprays and name tributes. Usually you can find funeral flowers in more arrangement types than flowers given for general occasions. Whether a close family member, a distant family member or a friend passed away, sympathy flowers are always appreciated when received either directly or through a flower delivery.

Casket sprays are just one of the particular flower arrangements given for such occasion. They are put on the casket before it is descended underground. The casket spray is usually available in several styles and sizes. However the typical size for this is to be big enough to cover half the casket. The usual flowers for this spray are roses, daisies, carnation and some other flower combinations. Do not confuse casket sprays with standing sprays which are placed on a freestanding easel at the funeral service. They are not placed on the casket.

Flowers placed on caskets also come in smaller sizes and they are called casket adornments. These are usually small bouquets of flowers hat are placed on each corner of a casket. At times, however, flowers can also be placed inside of the casket. Some of these bouquets are in the form of a pillow made with assorted funeral flowers in various colors, predominant however being white.

Funeral Wreaths are given for funeral or church services. They are placed on display on an easel at the service. While most wreaths are readily available, some people like to custom order the remembrance wreath they will give and this is easily accomplished by many florists, as they usually do take custom orders.

There are many more types of sympathy flowers, but these are the most common ones people usually give along with gift baskets for such occasions to express their sympathy towards the deceased and their close family. This also depends on what the florist of choice carries or whether they can make custom flower arrangements. With online shopping so popular nowadays, it is very common for people to buy flowers for funeral online due to the large selection available, which is at times larger than the selection readily available at your local florist shop. These flowers can be sent to the family home or to the funeral home along with sympathy cards that accompany the floral arrangement as a tribute to the memory of the deceased.

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