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Casket Sprays

Casket sprays are a truly personal way to honor and cherish the memory of a loved one who died. The family members that were closest to the person are the ones who have the responsibility of choosing the right flower arrangement for the casket.

Usually these are rather large flower bouquets that are laid on the top of the casket. Sometimes all there is added to the casket is a simple bouquet of red roses. Other times it is as elaborate as it goes. It is all a matter of personal preferences and what mostly reflect the personality and likes of the deceased.

When you are looking into what colors to have for your casket flower arrangement , try to think of what colors the deceased used to like. Many times a nice mix of while, red and blue flowers are very elegant for the occasion. Also if you are stuck, you can ask your local florist to give you tips on what is best for the casket, so it fits nicely with the entire theme.

Flowers for the caskets are usually decorating either the entire length of the closed casket or the closed part of the half-opened casket. For the half open casket a half-couch spray is added, while for the closed one usually a full-couch spray is put on it. If you are still not sure what to add, you can always go for the traditional, classic style as it this is a timeless casket adornment that works every time.

One of these timeless arrangements is the use of heavy dark foliage that surround lots of white flowers. Green and white work perfectly for this very sad occasion. You could have blooming white orchids as center flowers. Orchid is a flower that is known since ancient times for its symbol of wisdom, love and beauty. You can also use white carnations as the centerpiece. Carnation symbolizes comfort and hope.

If a young person died, a particularly beautiful casket spray is made of white and yellow flowers which give an air of elegance, including daisies with white chrysanthemums. A bright yellow ribbon should hold the flowers together. This type of spray gives a sense of hope, faith and a spirit of life.

If you'd prefer to go for an arrangement of calming colors and muted tones, you can go for pink and peachy hues including daisies, lilies and larkspur. These flowers convey loyalty, virtue, attachment and forever love.

There are many types of casket sprays that you can choose for the casket to be embellished with and you can always ask for your local florist to give you further ideas. Also if you are not the person to organize this but you want to contribute with a spray of your own, you need to contact the close family to confer with them as to what flowers are best to be ordered for your bouquet to be added to the casket.

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