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Funeral Flowers For Comfort In Grief

Usually flowers are associated with happiness and joy, however there are times when they are used for sad occasions, such as funerals. This is when their duty is to provide comfort and solace in difficult times.

Funeral flowers are there to give condolences to the people who have just lost a person they loved, be it a relative or friend. Thus they are a symbol of that grief and sorrow in most cultures of the world.

While they do not eradicate the pain the person feels, they do tend to give a confirmation to the relatives of a deceased person that they were loved and cared by others. They also offer consolation and a quiet celebration of a lost life.

Depending on how close you have been to the deceased, you might want to consult with the funeral home to double-check whether there are some special requirements that the family has requested as to the funeral flowers. You might wish to send sympathy flowers to the home of the deceased to be received by the family directly. However more common is sending or bringing the flower bouquets to the funeral home or the church, depending where the service is held.

Also there are families who express their wish on having a particular color due to maybe this color having been the favorite of the deceased, or for any other reason they deem appropriate. This is why consulting with the funeral home is a good idea before ordering the flower blooms from the florist.

Funeral or sympathy flowers also convey a calming mood that gives hope to the family in grief and to the guests. When you are surrounded by beautiful blooms, the grief becomes more muted and there is something calming and rejuvenating about them that comes through in these sorrowful moments. No wonder they have been associated with funerals since the dawn of times.

There are many different types of flowers for funeral that can be given to the family or added in the funeral home or on the casket, and maybe the most commonly used one is the rose, particularly the red rose. This is the symbol of love and it is just proper to use this symbol when a person has passed away. Red roses can be fresh cut or in wreaths or in casket sprays, which are placed on the top of the closed casket. Of course many people add white roses, that is also perfectly acceptable. The casket spray is usually organized by the close family of the deceased so if you want to contribute, you need to contact the family members first, as to know the colors of preference and the size of the spray. A close casket will have a larger size basket than a half-open casket.

If you are not sure what type of floral arrangements you are supposed to give to the family for the funeral, you can consult any local florist as they have extensive experience in the matter. There are many options in what to give. Sometimes even sprays in various shapes such as crosses, pillows or hearts are very welcome. A good florist can customize the wreath to any normal shape you desire. Also if you know what were the flowers of choice of the deceased, you can request that these types be included in the spray or wreath.

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