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Funeral Wreath

Funeral wreath is also called sympathy wreath. It is made of any flowers that you want to use, however traditional arrangements have some flowers that are used all the time, as they give a symbolic message through their color and style.

The most common funeral wreath flowers are geranium, larkspur, lilly of the valley, morning glory and white periwinkle.

Funeral wreaths can be personalized to give that unique and memorable tribute to the deceased person. Here are a few ways to personalize any funeral wreath to convey that uniqueness:

  • Choose the plants carefully. If the deceased person was an athlete or a sports fan, you can add laurels as base. It is well known that ancient Romans and Greeks were using laurel to convey victory. If the person had a special part in your life, you could have a wreath made of hydrangeas. Ancient Chinese used this type of flower to associate with love and gratitude. So not only select the flowers for their beauty, but also for their special meaning about the person who passed away. 
  • It is easy to include various personalized messages in the wreath. From messages as simple as 'Beloved Mother/ Father' to 'My Dear Friend', there are many ways to add more complex messages. Some people even use poems or quotes from books that were loved and cherished by the departed. So adding a personalized message card with the wreath is another way of making the wreath as unique as possible. 
  • Adding charms to the wreath is yet another method loved by many. Depending on the job of the person you can add charms that characterize that person or their job. If a favorite teacher or professor passed away, you can add a charm in style of a pen or pencil, or even a small notebook. 

These are just a few ideas to get a funeral wreath as personal as you want. You can get creative and let your creative juices flowing freely. Noone will stop you from giving your beloved relative or friend the best funeral wreath that they deserve.

Of course if you want to stick with traditional funeral wreaths, that is also perfectly acceptable. You can use various seasonal flowers in the wreath or traditional flowers that are always available. You can use any colors and styles. You might want to go for a rainbow of bright colored flowers for funeral or a simple sympathy basket. Nothing is set in stone and everything is allowed.

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