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Sympathy Gift Baskets

There are times when someone we know and care about loses a loved one and we just don't know what to say. Sometimes there are no words needed. Let someone know that you are thinking of them during their time of loss and sorrow with Sympathy Gift Baskets. People often don't need to hear words, they can simply find comfort in knowing that someone is thinking of them and they care about what they are going through and sympathy gift baskets can relay your thoughts and condolences for you.


With Sympathy Gift Baskets you can help to put a little smile back onto someone's face even if it's just for a few minutes. There are many gift baskets to choose from to help bring comfort at the hardest times in someone's life. You might choose a gift basket that has a variety of coffee flavors in it with a beautiful mug and they could enjoy the gift basket in the evenings when they are trying to relax. You might also choose a gift basket that is filled with beautiful and delicious fruit, some great cheeses and maybe even some almonds.

Another option for your choice of gift basket could be a gourmet variety that could contain gourmet cookies, chocolates, yogurt dipped pretzels and even some toffee flavored peanuts. A comforting choice for basket items might even be some flavored popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, crackers and cheeses and some flavored hot chocolate mixes. A candle can even be added so that could enjoy the light of the candle as they enjoy some of the items from the basket.

If the basket is going to a female friend, you might consider a basket of spa products such as lotions and bath gels. Perhaps something with lavendar scent so that that they can use the products to help relax them. After a hard day of making arrangements or visiting with large amounts of people, it may be just what she needs to help releive some stress. You may opt to include a CD of soothing music in a basket that contains some of their favorite teas and a special tea cup.

Before making a decision on the gift basket that you choose, make sure that you know the recipients religious beleifs, you wouldn't want to include something in the gift basket that they may find offensive. You will also need to make sure of any diet restrictions that they may have such as diabetes or being on a gluten free diet. When you sign the card for your gift basket it's always comforting to the recipient if yo can add something personal about the loved one that they have lost if you knew them well enough. Make sure that your gift basket includes something that the recipient can keep forever, some type of keepsake will make the basket that much more special, memorable and thoughtful.

You don't have to send flowers to every funeral occasion, send something that the recipient can truly use, find comfort in and keep for many years to come.